Team Arctic Marathon

Meet us!

Arctic Marathon Content Crew

Jill Blackstone

-- photographer --

Loves her NIKON and the Northern part of the world. Comes along as a professional photograhper to make amazing competing photographs. She makes sure your unique experience is captured and is happy to share these with you. She experiences her trips through a lens and is only cold in Holland. She would love to meet a polar bear once. Mother of three boys and photo lover for life.

Nikon specialist
Mountain climber

Daphne v. Eijden

-- Photographer --

During our adventure in the Arctic she will communicate with you through her CANON lens. She will lie in the snow or on the ice to capture your adventure. Has seen polar bears one or two times, but was unfortunately too late to grab her camera. Drives our Arctic car aroud the parcour and sometimes forgets the handbrake.

Social Media Team
Sunscreen applier

Sebastiaan v. Hamond

-- Filmmaker --

Still plays Duck Hunt. He loves a camera bag on his back. Provides the most awesome after movie of our adventure and experiences this self on a small screen. With his camera on his shoulder, he cycles around the track, so you can to relive your adventure when you'r home safe again. Searched for walruses but did not get close enough. That's why he keeps coming back to Svalbard.

Movie editor
Duck Hunt player

Expedition team

Nicky Bijleveld

-- Expedition Leader --

Multitasker by profession. Polar bears are scared of her. She takes care of you during your adventure in Svalbard. Is an expedition leader and comes along to let you focus on the (half) marathon and the unique surroundings. She and her team are there for you before, during and after the expedition. Makes sure you get your starting number, sits next to you during diner. Mom of two and loves Husky's.

Campfire maker

Eric Coenen

-- Expedition Leader --

Is our Google Translate in person. Speaks a few languages en makes sure you are at your activities on time. Picks you up in the morning to guide you to the start and fills your glass in the evening with beer or wine. He actually wears size M but prefers size L. Runs harder than polar bears and would like to go skinny dipping in the Arctic.

Google Translate
Tetris Player

Eyza de Beer

-- Mascotte Arctic Marathon --

Hates the cold and the high Norths. Regularly participates in expo's and running events. Likes to take pictures with other people. Chases you over the last 100 metres and takes you over the finish.

Ice diving

Head of Team

Hikmet Weeling

-- Head of Team --

In love with Svalbard. Functions best between minus 25 and plus 10 degrees. Co-founder of the Arctic Marathon and comes along as expedition leader. Waits for you at Schiphol airport and you can ask him anything before, during and after this unique experience. Has an running action radius of 14 KM. Lost his voice when you come back on Sunday. Father of three and sports lover.

Sports entrepreneur

Raoul Tirtosentono

-- Head of Team --

Likes to help you pronounce his name. Everything you are going to experience between booking and receiving your pictures, was originated in his head. Makes sure everything runs smoothly and creator of the customer journey. Co-founder of the Arctic Mararhon and comes along as an expedition leader. Would rather guided at a Mediterranian Sea marathon. Father of two kids and is afraid of polar bears.

Arctic Naked Diver


Alex Gijsbers

-- Running Coach --

Takes care of your preparation, advises you during the Arctic Pasta Party and takes you to the finish. Loves trailrunning and participated in every marathon you can think of on bare foot or with shoes. Knows the parcour of Spitsbergen like no other and would be happy to walk through the snow with you before, during or after the marathon. Is a bit small but herefore fits perfectly in the carry-on luggage of the crew.

Walrus boat admirer