Team Arctic Marathon

Who are we

Arctic Marathon Content Crew

Jill Blackstone

-- photographer --

Loves her NIKON and the Northern part of the world. Joins as a professional photographer to make cool competition photos. Ensures that your unique experience is established and is happy to share it with you. Experiences her travels through a camera lens and it's cold only in the Netherlands. Would like to encounter a polar bear again. Mother of 3 boys and pure photo enthusiasts.

Nikon specialist
Mountain climber

Daphne v. Eijden

-- Photographer --

During our adventure in the Arctic, she communicates with you through her CANON lens. Likes to lie somewhere in the snow or on ice to record your adventure. She did see a polar bear a few times but was always just too late to take pictures. Drives our Arctic car on the course and sometimes forgets the parking brake.

Social Media Team
Sun block specialist

Sebastiaan v. Hamond

-- Filmmaker --

Still playing Duck Hunt. Loves a camera bag on his back. Provides the craziest after movie of our adventure and experiences this for yourself through a small screen. With his camera on his shoulder, he cycles over the course so that you can continue to relive your adventure when you return. Searched for walruses but did not get close enough. That's why he keeps coming back to Svalbard.

Movie editor
Duck Hunt player

Expedition team

Nicky Bijleveld

-- Expedition Leader --

Multitasker by profession. Polar bears are afraid of her. Takes care of you during your adventure on Svalbard. Join the expedition leader to allow you to focus optimally on the (half) marathon and the unique environment. Is ready with the team before, during and after this expedition. Ensures that you get your starting number and sits next to you at the table during dinner. Mother of 2 kids and in love with Huskies

Campfire maker

Eric Coenen

-- Expedition Leader --

Is our Google Translate in person. Speaks a number of languages ​​and ensures that you are on time at your activities. He picks you up in the morning to guide you to the start and in the evening he pours your glass full of wine or beer. Actually has size M, but still finds size L more comfortable. Runs faster than polar bears and always wants to swim naked again in the Arctic.

Google Translate
Tetris Player

Eyza de Beer

-- Mascotte Arctic Marathon --

Hates cold and the far north. Shows up regularly during exhibitions and running events. Enjoys being photographed with people. Walks the last 100m with you on Spitsbergen and crosses the finish line together with you.

Ice hole diving

Head of Team


Hikmet Weeling

-- Head of Team --

Is in love with Svalbard. Works best between minus 25 and plus 10 degrees. Co-founder of Arctic Marathon and joins as expedition leader. He is awaiting you at Schiphol and you can ask him anything before, during and after this unique experience. Has a running range of 14 kilometers itself. Has lost his voice if you are back at Schiphol on Sunday. Father of 3 boys and pure sports enthusiast.

Sports entrepreneur

Raoul Tirtosentono

-- Head of Team --

Is happy to help you pronounce his name. Everything that you will experience between booking and receiving your photos after your return comes from his head. Ensures that things run optimally and efficiently and comes up with the entire customer journey. Co-founder of Arctic Marathon and joins as expedition leader. Would rather have accompanied the Mediterranean Sea Marathon. Father of 2 kids and afraid of polar bears.

Arctic Naked Diver

Alex Gijsbers

-- Running Coach --

Takes care of your preparation, advises you during the Arctic Pasta Party and takes you across the finish line. Is crazy about Trail running and has run every marathon you can imagine, barefoot or with shoes. Knows the course on Spitsbergen like no other and likes to walk a bit with you through the snow before, during or after the marathon. Is small in size but fits perfectly in the crew's hand luggage.

Walrus boat enthusiast