Parcour Information

10km, Half- and Whole Marathon

Run in a unique ambiance

The parcour starts and ends in the Longyearbyen settlement, next to the sports hall (Svalbard Hallen). It takes you in the direction of the Isfjord. From there on you will be taken through the Arctic wilderness, where you might be accompanied by reindeers, arctic foxes and maybe...

The parcour excists for 80% of paved road and 20% is dirt road.

Watch our promo video to see the parcour.

Medical team present.

Every 5 KM there is a water- and feeding point with (warm) water, juices and energy drinks.

Armed securities on the parcour for protection against polar bears.

Weather forecast between 0 and 10 degrees Celsius.

Live time-tracking and results.

Half & whole marathon

Are you running the whole marathon? Then you'll be running the parcour of the half marathon twice!

We start and finish next to the Svalbard Halls. They are located around 53 metres above sea level. The course then descends to sea level to have a climb / drop to 50 meters between 10 km and 13 km in the course. From 15 km, the climb to the Svalbard Hallen where the finish line is, or if you run the whole marathon, starts. If you run the entire marathon, you must reach the finish within 3 hours.

Lead time: 6 hours whole marathon - 4.5 hours half marathon


Height difference

10 kilometers

We start and finish next to the Svalbard Halls.

This area lies 53 metress above sea level. The parcour then drops via the village to sea level. From 4KM starts the climb to the Svalbard Halls, where the finish is.


Lead time 10 km: 2 hours and 45 minutes




Height difference