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Do you want to go on an adventure?

To the only marathon in the world with protection against polar bears? To the Northernmost marathon in the world on solid ground?

Do you run the 10km, half or full marathon, at 78 degrees north latitude, through the Arctic wilderness surrounded by icebergs?

Book your ultimate running adventure now! Every year we experience this unique experience on Svalbard.

Book this full package deal, including direct flight, hotel with breakfast, all dinners, travel guidance, after movie and starting ticket. Choose your favorite hotel package and join us on this 4-day adventure!

10 km, 1/2 and full marathon

Between 0 and 10 degrees

Generous lead times

<100m height difference

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Not just running anywhere.. Create your own unique experience!

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Trail Information

The trail starts and ends in the Longyearbyen settlement, in addition to..

About Svalbard

Spitsbergen (Norwegian: Svalbard; Russian: Шпицберген, Sjpitsbergen) is..

Travel program 2020

View our 4-day program here. This program is subject to..


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Arctic Marathon believes that sustainable travel starts with choosing a sustainable way of doing business. That is why Arctic Marathon has chosen to be climate neutral through Climate Neutral Group. In order to also contribute to a climate-neutral economy.

We believe in sustainable energy projects and, with our partner Greenseat, opt for 100% CO2 compensation for the activities that we do. We cannot change the world, we can make the right and most responsible choice.

Going with us on an adventure, means 100% climate neutral traveling.

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